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Tasting a replacement craft brew is usually a journey into the unknown. However no complete embodies this additional, symbolically and virtually, than Vietnam-based distillery Heart of Darkness.

Since launching in 2016, the brand’s success has taken it into seven markets in Asia, together with port late last year – wherever it’s solely distributed by Mosaic Craft Distribution.

Buy craft beer Hong Kong scene is set out, with quite twenty well-established native breweries – several of that were based within the last 5 years – and new craft brew faucet homes currently gap nearly monthly.

Heart of Darkness has chop-chop picked up a following here. it’s currently oversubscribed in additional than thirty shops together with a number of Hong Kong’s most well-liked craft brew bars and prime restaurants: The Roundhouse, Coedo bar, FAB, Metropolitan, French aptitude, Chom Chom, Boilermaker, The Globe, Feather and Bone, 99 Bottles, Rula Bula, Momentai and Deliveroo market.

“We’re perpetually innovating,” Heart of Darkness owner Pemberton says. “We simply wish to stay on pushing it. We’re targeted on making premium craft brew whereas conjointly exploring distinctive flavors and pushing the boundaries of what is often done. The reaction to the current here thus far has been fantastic. The market is additionally growing quick, and we’re excited to be a part of the long run of craft in port.”

The unusual flavors’ square measure one in all the brand’s most distinct options.

“When we have a tendency to started, at that point everyone else was doing simple drinking, lighter session beers and normally the thought was the Vietnamese aren’t prepared for giant beers nonetheless,” Pemberton remembers. “But if you check out Vietnamese preparation, it’s bright, daring and vivacious, that is incredibly kind of like craft brew once done right.

“We said, ‘Let’s let the Vietnamese decide’, instead of tell them what to drink. My personal preference is huge daring flavors’. Our initial brew, the 7.1 percent Kurtz’s Insane IPA, was a giant payoff against what everybody else was doing – if they’re doing low IBUs, let’s be as huge and daring as we will. Therefore we have a tendency to go 102 IBU, as bitter as you’ll be able to probably get.”

And so everything appears to own return full circle for Pemberton, associate “old China hand” UN agency quit his job operating as top dog for a sourcing company on the terra firma in 2012 to master home production.

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